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Datum: Wed 02/9/22 7:08PM

Bericht: Hi Rens
Please forgive the unconventional contact and I certainly apologize for not being able to message you in your own language.
My name is Terry and live in the USA, my late father-in-law was a Dutch citizen although lived here for many years, after he pa**ed away some years ago we of course inherited his belongings amongst which were several prints by your friend Fran Spuijboek.

They have graced my walls for many years along with a dozen or so Dietrich H Volts which are a similar era and style.

I have been trying to discover more about what I now believe to be Frans work for many years on and off and today I feel that at long last I have had a bit of success (hopefully !!).

I have attempted to contact his son whom I see you have communicated with in the past
I wonder if you could spare the time to perhaps drop him a message to tell him I have tried to contact him on his Blog and also an email address that was hidden deep in earlier blogs.

I have 4 pieces that I have not been able to 100% identify I am hopeful of three, but the 4th I still have doubts.

I am at an age now when I really need to ‘downsize’ and in doing so I, unfortunately have to dispose of some of my ‘treasures’, I have offered the voltz collection to a museum in his home town just to keep the collection together rather than sell them separately as that seems to be a shame, they have not as yet responded but I hope they at least consider it (who knows).

I do not really know but looking at their quality I a**ume there is some value in Frans work, I am reluctant to just sell them to somebody who will try to make a fast buck but rather to where they will be appreciated as I have done for many years.

Anyway enough of this old mans ramblings, if you can find the time to let me know his email (after first asking him of course) I would truly appreciate it, incidentally your own work and achievements is without doubt amazing ... I feel privaledged just to ma**age you ! lol

Thankyou so much for your time

Terry Sumpter

Datum: Tue 08/31/21 11:54AM
Van: elizebethmcafeepx89

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Datum: Mon 08/30/21 3:01PM
Van: duckettlouveniafz10

Bericht: 스스로 왠지 어색한 느낌에 주저주저했 는데 괜찮아보인 다는 말을 들으니 그런 기분이 싸악 가시는 것 같았다. "그렇게 말해주니 고마운걸? 후훗. 어서 가자구." 소진이 자리에 오르자 마차는 서서히 움직이기 시작했다. 마차 안쪽 자리에 편안히 등을 기대고 창가로 - 메리트카지 노 - 퍼스트카지 노 - 샌즈카지노 - 코인카지노 - 카지노사이 트 - 바카라사이 트

Datum: Mon 08/30/21 3:00PM
Van: lashundahyattvz87

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Datum: Mon 08/30/21 3:00PM
Van: krugergillcq86

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Datum: Mon 08/30/21 3:00PM
Van: melendezleifwn47

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Datum: Mon 04/12/21 12:02PM
Van: Noud Bles

Bericht: Beste Rens van Adrighem,

Langs deze zeg hoop ik contact met je te krijgen. Je begon in De Wittenberg ergens in 1967 als chauffeur bij het 105 Kabel- en Lijnpeloton om later over te gaan naar het peloton van Bert Julius (108 Vbd). Ik was als dienstplichtig vaandrig pelotonscommandant van 105 Kabel – Lijnpeloton, een merkwaardig buitenbeentje in de Verbindingsdienst. Was jij een tijd mijn jeepchauffeur?

Ook ik ben in de kunsten terechtgekomen, zie mijn website

Wie weet hoor ik iets van je.

Vriendelijke groet,
Noud Bles

Datum: Mon 03/29/21 6:26PM
Van: Henk P. van Ruijven

Bericht: Omstreeks 1964/65 was ik werkzaam bij Supermarkt Groenwegen in Maa**luis. Wij verkochten zandtaartjes en bitterkoekjes van Bakkerij Ribbe. Regelmatig bezocht ons een joyeuze heer met sjaaltje en rijdend in een cabriolet Karmann Ghia. Deze heer kwam namens Bakkerij Ribbe, den Briel.
Kunt u, met deze summiere info aangeven, wie deze heer was.
Hartelijk dank.

Datum: Tue 03/23/21 10:03AM
Van: Jan Swart

Bericht: Mooie site! Ik ben een nazaat van Jan Middelhoek en heb thuis nog een olieverfstudie (kopie van een zelfportret van Rembrandt) van de hand van Martinus Middelhoek dat vroeger bij mijn opa hing en dat ik altijd erg bewonderde. Als het u interesseert kan ik een foto sturen.

Datum: Sun 03/21/21 4:22PM
Van: Jacqueline Vervoort

Bericht: Beste Rens,
Ik ben erg nieuwsgierig naar het hotel en café wat vroeger een paar deuren naast de dixie zat.Het gaat in nr 6
Beneden het café en boven het hotel.Weet iemand de naam? Jaartallen ? Misschien zelfs foto’s ?

Ben erg benieuwd en hoop op reacties,

Groetjes Jacqueline

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